Our Story

The Mad Tea Co. started in the gardens of Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. Students around the University campus were determined to do more to improve the mental health of the campus community. After many late nights, rooms filled with students and colloquial conversations, The Mad Tea Co. was born. It was quickly realised that we needed to go beyond our University community.

Flinders University Community Garden

Through 2018 momentum was built until a not-for-profit organisation was officially launched in October. This organisation would build a range of herbal teas, that could be sold to fund mental health projects, build therapeutic garden spaces and that could cultivate conversations about mental health in our communities.

At our core we are a movement that aims to save lives, but more importantly, aims to change them. We do this through thousands of conversation about mental health, emotional well-being and what it means to build community.

Flinders CommunityWhen you buy herbal tea from our movement, you support our vision of a world where we can empathetically discuss mental well-being in our communities, a world where we can lean on each other for emotional support, a world where we forgive each other for the shortcomings of being human, and a world where we lead with compassion over intolerance.

We hope you will join us on this journey and become part of our community.